Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Trump Loses in Wisconsin, but His Lead Remains Formidable

Bloomberg Politics

The Stop Trump movement enjoyed its greatest victory so far, with Senator Ted Cruz defeating the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination in Tuesday's Wisconsin primary almost any way the electorate could be sliced. 

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Anonymous said...

I thought you might find it interesting that today I attempted to email Mr. Sykes and his radio show. . .questioning their integrity and their tactics. It appeared as if my email had gone through, but hours later my phone notified me that it had failed. Apparently, the recipient would not allow the email. In other words the email was blocked.

The next thing I find interesting is the complaints called in by voters in Wisconsin. The complaints were notifying the officials that their vote for Trump was being changed to Cruz or was not being accepted by the computer.

I did not learn about the complaints until later on after watching the results unfold where Cruz had a huge lead over Trump. When I saw the lead I thought there is no way! I immediately thought of voter fraud that somehow they tampered with the voting process and or computers.

If there was voter fraud I believe they thought no one would question a Cruz win, because they made sure it was constantly in the news that Sykes and other radio host along with Scott Walker and the establishment were on a mission to stop Trump. In addition too the fact that it was a Midwest conservative state it would make a Cruz win seem plausible.

I say hog wash! See, they could not pull a stunt like that in New York. . . red flags would go up!

If I were Trump I would publicly ask all trump supporters who witnessed voter fraud to call a Trump hotline. Then if warranted I would have a team of investigators all over Wisconsin gathering affidavits from Trump supporters that witnessed their vote either being changed to Cruz's name or not being accepted by the computer.

After Trump receives a report and has a chance to review it and if he determines that the Wisconsin primary was truly stolen he needs to bring the Feds into the matter! See, I looked up Wisconsin's election process and unless I am misinterpreting the system there is a board you can file a complaint with that consist of former judges who were appointed to the board by Scott Walker.

The reason I find it difficult too believe Cruz won has everything to do with Trump's great rallies. . . some of the best so far. In addition to the two great interviews right before the primary one with Sean Hannity and the other with Greta. Both interviews were awesome! I also thought I heard that Wisconsin is one of the few states that allow democrats and independents to cross over and vote for a republican during the primaries and we know many voters have been crossing over for Mr. Trump. Given all the foregoing reasons I have a difficult time believing Lyin' Ted Cruz could win.

Please, Mr. Trump investigate this matter not only for you, but your supporters!


Ms. Laura L. Johnson
Trump supporter outraged!

Anonymous said...

This is not a reply, but an amendment to my previous comment.

After I completed my comment, I looked up voter fraud in Wisconsin and an article surfaced regarding an MSNBC journalist (Hayes) only needing 16 seconds to crush Scott Walker's claim of voter fraud in Wisconsin. I believe it was under a website RawStory. Apparently, Scott Walker was making accusations regarding his concerns of voter fraud as it pertains to Voter Identification.

I thought you've got to be kidding me.

There it was a photo of Scott Walker looking extremely stressed out! This was posted just 4 days before the Wisconsin primary.

Does anyone realize the statistical odds of Scott Walker's accusations? Given the fact that the republican opponent he has been helping the establishment sabotage and destroy in his state is actually turning out to be a victim of voter fraud involving the candidate Ted Cruz who Scott Walker has endorsed and been working on his behalf!

I believe Scott Walker establishing his accusations was in case he would need some kind of legal defense (reasonable doubt) if ever caught being a part of such a scheme!

On the other hand this public article could not only depict the foregoing, but also a very nervous Governor involved in criminal activity. And his accusations of the crime he would be involed with would establish the evidence of premeditation and could be shown as a declaration of his guilt!

I also watched a less then 2 minute youtube expose' giving the status of the Trump supporters accusations and the many counties involved. It appears a Wisconsin news station is investigating and verifying the claims that there were computers that would not allow a vote for Trump.

I believe the Scott Walker and MSNBC article regarding voter fraud is not a coincidence and if it were me, I would want to know a complete timeline of the circumstances of the accusations and the district judge's response!

I will be looking into it myself and will let all who care know what I discover!


Ms. Laura L. Johnson
Trump supporter outraged!

Anonymous said...

There are 112 Super Delegates in the RNC. They are listed as "unbound". Many of them including CO, ND and WY have been awarded to Cruz in the recently days. We, the Trump supports are ready for a political revolution and take the fight all the way to the November ballot whether as GOP nominee or independent. This country needs a political revolution. Time is now! That way, we can openly and burden-freely criticize what the establishment in both parties have done to this country over the past 30 years.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%! If the establishment is going to steal the nomination from Donald Trump, I would hold a press conference and ask my supporters how they felt about cutting the apron strings with the GOP?

The way I see it is if the criminal acts being perpetrated against Donald Trump goes unpunished then there is nothing else to do, but walk away from the RNC.

A democracy doesn't exist when manipulating delegates and tampering with voting machines is allowed. There is no way Cruz or any other republican candidate can win against the Democrats! The only republican who can win in November is Trump! So, if we the people (Trump supporters). . . change party affiliation to have our voices heard (silent majority) and votes count. . .then we need to say, "bye bye" republican party and we'll see how you guys do without us in November.

I know Trump wants to unite the republican party, but if they are going to steal the nomination and by doing so cost the presidential election, then we nor Trump would have anything to lose. He could actually win as an independent or third party candidate. Face it citizens all across this great nation are sick and tired of both the Democrat and republican parties.

At the end of the day both parties are basically corrupt for the most part and owned by special intetest. I believe there is enough of a voter base to win as an independent at this time in history and if I was going to cut the apron strings I would do it or at least publicly contemplate it before the convention! Giving the RNC see food for thought.

As for the argument that Trump signed an agreement to support whom-ever was the nominee. Well, let's say the RNC establishment breached the contract when they illegally began conspiring with Mr. Trump's opponents. They are supposed to be impartial.

So if they are going to steal the nomination from Trump and by doing so lose the election in November then I think we Trump supporters should part ways with the GOP and Mr. Trump should run as an independent!


Ms. Laura L. Johnson
Trump supporter outraged!

Anonymous said...

This an amendment to my previous reply.

I just looked up the number of registered voters considering themselves Independent.

The percentage nationwide has increased too 43% according to the Gallup Poll! Along with the written context is a chart showing that most people consider themselves as Political Independents, then the chart shows the Democrats and last with the least percentage is republicans.

As I previously stated. . . cutting the apron strings of the GOP might be the necessary road to take.

People are sick and tired of both parties evident in the increase of people considering themselves Political Independents!


Ms.Laura L. Johnson
Trump supporter outraged now frustrated!