Sunday, April 3, 2016

CBS | Face the Nation - April 3, 2016



This is sooooooo stupid he's talking to you like you committed murder, this dude just brought up all negative stuff! But Donald you did a great job! Don't they care about the world we live in?? these media news casters are like murdering our Country! They are part of why this Country is going down the tubes! #Trump for president

Anonymous said...

Corinne. I agree. The media is running the Country. The way we win is to turn off the ones that are bad - that also includes talk radio. I would like to know how much of our media is owned by foreigners - especially those that hate our Country.


I know it's terrible how they pick on such a wonderful man that is just trying to help America out of No-No- land, but you know how it is! the the rich & corrupt politicians want to control the world & make use the Puppet's on a string.
But Donald Trump Love America and it's people so much! he feel & is capable he can Make America rich & powerful so we can be Proud to say we are Americans once more.

Anonymous said...

So. . .so. . . many "awesome" interviews on 4-3-2016, in addition too the inspirational rallies held! I am so proud too be a part of history in the making and "Proud of You"!

You are doing such a great job educating the public regarding the many issues destroying our great country. Especially, your God given ability to explain complex issues in a simple manner. Keep up the good work and thank you for running to become the next President of the United States! I greatly appreciate you!


Ms. Laura L. Johnson
Trump supporter outraged!