Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Campaign Rally in Rome, NY at Griffiss International Airport - April 12, 2016


Anonymous said...

i was there!!! so cold outside, long wait, hour delay, but it was worth all that we had to go through. Donald is the only one to save our country. It is so corrupt, both the democratic party system and republican. I feel if any government employee including politician recieves any monies other than his pay should go back to the fed govt, state govt etc . its not their money its the peoples money. Taking any monies other than that of salzry is conflict of interest and therefor corrupt and that individual should lose retirement and be banned from any government job thereafter, no different than the private sector. Stealing is stealing, and that is what is base of all the corruption. Also the delagate crap is another corruption. Nothing but the popular vote should be accepted not only for primaries but for the general election.

Anonymous said...

Just like Rome, I live near Syracuse, you drive down the streets and there is one empty business after another, bigger manufacturing plant closed, bulldozed down, so many people with no jobs, no wonder the country is so split, and if we could put tariff on all incoming goods we could use this money to rebuild the buildings that are rotting and with right incentives can bring our jobs back and bring back self respect which would virtually eliminate all these unhappy segments of our country. Donald i lost my job, wife did too, this country needs you , you are the only one that says what can i do for my country, while all other politicians are career oriented and say now what can the country do for me. Also we need you to take care of us seniors, and regular citizens that pay taxes and send all illegals home. It is not fair i pay for them. Send the liberals on other side of the wall while your at it. My family loves you and your family, stay safe please, we are counting on you.