Thursday, April 28, 2016

Campaign Rally in Evansville, IN - April 28, 2016



Check this out Ted is natural born Canadian

Anonymous said...

Trump on O'Reilly at 8pm/11pm EDT on FoxNews re "Chaos Overseas"

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Trump:

I watched both of the rallies held in Indiana. As usual you did an excellent job motivating the Trump Troops to get out and vote!

During your speech you discussed the statistical data regarding Indiana's loss of manufacturing jobs and briefly touched on the steel industry.

I wished you had also talked about the recent billions lost in the US Agriculture Industry, considering the billions lost by American farmers involved China! The billions lost had to do with corn. It involved a type of corn seed that was sold on the US market before being approved.

I forwarded the information in detail including a law firm name that was running a commercial on television advertising compensation for farmers who had produced at least a 100 acres of corn. The information was sent to the website through the join us feature. The reason I sent you this information, (you obviously didn't receive), was because you were going to be spending a lot of time in Indiana and the state is known for farmland in addition to manufacturing and steel!

I have forwarded ideas, observations and significant information through the above referenced website in the past. Including the replacement of last week or a week ago with the words recent or recently when referring to endorsements.

The only reason I take the time to look up or research an issue or problem plaguing a specific state is because I know how busy you are and am just trying to help. I even have to wonder if you received my idea about a farmers summit! Remember. . .when you become the next President of the United States you will have to appoint a Secretary of Agriculture! Farmers play an important role in the US economy and are at times under utilized and extremely unappreciated! If you did not receive my idea for the farmers summit, I believe you would find it interesting in addition very relevant to the state you are courting at this time!

Just thought you might want to know.


Ms. Laura L. Johnson