Thursday, April 14, 2016

Donald Trump at the New York State Republican Gala - April 14, 2016


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Trump:

Thank you for the great speech you gave at the Republican Gala. Although I live in Jacksonville Florida, I enjoyed learning about the New York projects you rescued along the way including the Convention Center and the Ice Ring. It is apparent that you have a gift when it comes to foresight demonstrated many times during your career as a Builder / Developer.

I'm amazed by your impeccable instinct. . . along with your sense of timing! I believe the combination of those two attributes in addition to your diversified knowledge in many fields will make you the finest President of the United States. . . I will ever witness in my lifetime!

So watch your back (with the media, the RNC and Lyin' Ted Cruz). . .because we the American people need you!

Just a few suggestions: When you discuss bringing jobs back to
America make sure the people understand you are talking about higher paying great jobs! The jobs of yesterday where one parent could support a family and still save money to send a child to college someday. . .living the American Dream that's what is important . . . living the American Dream! (Higher paying great jobs!)

The next suggestion has to do with discussing Bernie Sanders. You two may agree about the incompetent trade deals that have been entered into, but Bernie has been a part of the Washington problem for decades. In addition to the fact that Bernie does not possess the skills or have the experience necessary to negotiate trade deals. (Bernie is a part of the problem and lacks experience to negotiate trade deals!)

Recently, you were asked a question regarding unemployed minority youth. I believe one of the solutions entail implementing trade schools in each city and town across this great nation. The students enrolled for trade school would attend normal classes such as English, Math, Science and History in the morning and then onto the trade school in the afternoon. The trade schools should be for students from 9th grade through their senior year that wish to attend.

I believe during the first year the 9th graders should take 3 to 4 different types of classes regarding different fields that the child may find interesting. It will give the student an opportunity to discover what he or she is really good at and has a lasting interest for a future career. The schools curriculum should include many different drafting classes, because drafting skills are important in many different fields including construction or even product design etc. Product design is an important skill for manufacturing jobs. Additional classes that should be offered is auto mechanics, auto body, plumbing, welding, electrical, carpentry, food / culinary, cosmetology, graphic design, appliance repairs, computer programming, small business start-ups etc.

The benefit of offering a wide variety of classes is the student will have many choices increasing their odds of success! A successful student will at least have a skill set upon graduating from high school and be able to immediately enter the work force. In some cases a specific class such as drafting could inspire a child to become a architect requiring the child to enroll in college. Either way trade schools are a win. . .win situation!

I believe Trade Schools are the solution to many of the problems facing crime ridden communities and the unemployed today. I guarantee there would be less kids dropping out of school, less kids getting into trouble and a huge increase in qualified and skilled workers entering the work force after graduation, if trade schools were implemented in the public school system!

Remember, there are many students who do not end up going to college. Maybe the student is not academically equipped (book oriented), but is a little genius with wood or pastries. We need to think outside the box!

One more thing . . .you are not a politician! You are a Statesman. . . a man who has wisdom in both government and business matters!


Ms. Laura L. Johnson

Anonymous said...

Ms. Laura - Just wanted to say that I think you made some very good points here. I do hope Mr. Trump reads the comments on this site. I am thankful for people like you and the other Trump supporters. Keep the faith and pray for Trump and his team.