Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fox & Friends - April 7, 2016


Anonymous said...

Please send this message to Trump!

He needs to have a strong conversation with the American public regarding the financial condition of Social Security and how the file cabinet full of decades of I.O.U.'s are to blame for the almost insolvent situation!

Approximately, 15 to 20 years ago I watched a PBS documentary regarding this very topic and how the lock box was filled with I.O.U.'s.

The I.O.U.'s were a result of the House, the Senate and even former Presidents taking from social security to cover other projects and programs.

I believe it is called misappropriation of funds. In other words it would be considered illegal in any other situation and I am not so sure it isn't considered illegal in this case.

I would explain that if all the I.O.U.'s / promissory notes were required to be honored, by those with their hands past and present in the citizens retirement funds and made to be returned plus interest. . .the social security problem would be solved!

I have watched many youtube videos of Trump's rallies and a part of the discussion at times have included cleaning up fraud and abuse.

Well, I believe the social security debacle has been caused by fraudulent actions of those who have borrowed money and never paid it back!

Hope this information helps Mr. Trump!


Ms. Laura L. Johnson
Trump supporter outraged!


Mr Trump please also address Obamas latest give away of offering Ssi and Medicare to illegals. I've paid into both since I was 14 now over fifty. Am now told retirement age will be increased or Ssi will not be available to my generation. How unfair. Will the illegals receive iou s or what should be my money?


Truckers for Trump will be there. I would like to speak to someone regatding parkibg of semi trucks and also there was a post going around about putting campaign slogans on our trucks and 53' ft trailers but nobody has responed to us. What can i do please inform
Thank uou

Anonymous said...

Lorraine - Go to and see if someone can help you there. They can put you in touch with someone in your area. This site is not an official Donald Trump site. It is being run by a very loyal supporter and we all appreciate it.