Friday, April 15, 2016

Fox News interviews Trump in Pittsburgh, PA (Apr 13)


  1. AnonymousApril 15, 2016 at 8:55 AM

    Watch your back Trump!!!

    Do you really think Megyn Kelly wants to bury the hatchet? All you have to do is watch her facial expressions and body language while speaking about you to notice the little respect she has for you.

    Megyn Kelly is the most insincere arrogant commentator in the industry in addition to Chris Matthews! She comes across methodical and as a selfish opportunist!

    So having said that you have to find the timing of her meeting request kinda of interesting considering your campaign managers charges being dropped!

    I still question if Megyn Kelly and or others at Fox News conspired and or knew before the fact that Michelle Fields was going to pull that stunt at the press conference. . . an obvious attempt to discredit your campaign. . . in addition to Ms. Fields gaining national exposure again through accusations. It could be viewed as a twofer. Fields gains notoriety while Fox News and or the GOP attempts to derail your popularity!

    Either way. . . when Fields lied to the authorities she opened the door for possible charges being filed against her! So if any other person, group or corporation participated in the scheme it would constitute a conspiracy to file false charges in order to defraud you (Mr. Trump) of your national lead in the Primaries.

    If there is any truth to the foregoing theory. . . well let's just say it was not so long ago when Brian Williams lost his credibility as a national news anchor, jeopardized NBC and wrecked his unblimished reputation in addition to his career for lying!

    I know that Megyn Kelly and Fox News appear to be reaching out to you with an olive branch. . .and most would think it has to do with television ratings, but I think there could be more to it. The manner in which many news shows on Fox News station are building the suspense . . .will Donald Trump give Megyn Kelly an interview? Could just be a Trojan Horse of false flattery when in reality it is an attempt to cover-up the truth.

    FYI - I did post a past comment regarding Corey's battery charges and Michelle Field's past history of gaining national exposure through controversy and or accusations of abuse. In addition to questioning Megyn Kelly's or Fox News possible involvement. Just food for thought! I would be willing to bet Fox News and others have someone watching this website and reading the comments being posted.

    Another thing . . .I would not allow Corey to apologize to Michelle Fields because if any of the foregoing thoughts or theories have any merit it would hinder any future prosecution of all involved. Corey did nothing wrong! The stunt was planned and executed with forethought and malice.

    And I would not fall for the notion that burying the hatchet with Megyn Kelly is going to improve your relations with women.

    The recent Anderson Cooper CNN Townhall meeting with your family was a real testament to your respect for women!

    As for Megyn Kelly and or Chris Matthews. . . you screw me over once shame on you. . .you screw me over twice shame on me would be my thoughts when considering another interview with either party!

    Hope the observations help.


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

    The mere fact that Ms. Kelly contacted you for a meeting to bury the hatchet highly suspect. Why is she so interested in gaining your respect? It could be a Trojan horse of false flattery! This woman in my opinion is very methodical

  2. April 15, 2016 at 11:10 AM

    Ms. Laura Johnson: This is excellent excellent analysis, observation, & advice! I agree w/ you 110%. Thank you!!
    Mr. Trump, PLEASE please please heed this advice! f/ OUR sake!
    We desperately need you to win this, or sovereign America (w/ the values, freedoms, rights, & all things we love & hold dear,) is over forever!
    with Admiration & respect f/ you Laura, & f/ Mr. Trump & your family, & your friends across America & around the world,
    Ms. Christena A. Bergemann

    ps. & Here's a news clip from YahooNews this morn. Also very excellent.

  3. AnonymousApril 16, 2016 at 7:58 AM

    I agree with comments above
    Thank you