Monday, April 4, 2016

Fox News | Town Hall Milwaukee Wisconsin - April 3, 2016


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Mr. Trump, in Wisconsin! You bring new life to the Republican Party and to politics in general. We need a person in charge who is knowledgeable in financial matters, Real Estate, and making sure the U. S. only pays its fair share when working with foreign companies. Thank you for your self-funded campaigning and your diligence as a candidate. I did some figuring about the minimum wage. In 1964, I worked for Eastman Kodak Company for $2.00 an hour gross. Okay, so I believe the minimum wage in New York State is somewhere around $9.00 an hour. So, that's a $7.00 an hour increase in 52 years. If one divides $7.00 by 52 years, one would come up with about a $.1346 increase per year in the minimum wage. Can you imagine? How can a person live on $9.00 per hour in this day and age? How can a parent or parents with dependents live on that amount of money? Do the math. I had to work two jobs when I had a child a few years later after 1964 since I got divorced without any child support I might add and I couldn't make it financially. I cannot believe that employees have to work at such a low rate of pay. What can be done about this?

Anonymous said...

The United States has been protecting Germany, Japan and other rich countries so these countries don't have to spend much in their national defense. Instead, they provide the best services to their citizens. They build the best highway, rail system and airports as well as schools and healthcare system while the Americans left with no money to fix anything but sitting on $19 trillion in debt!