Saturday, April 23, 2016

Campaign Rally in Waterbury, CT at Crosby High School - April 23, 2016


Anonymous said...

FYI. . .I just watched a youtube video called "African Americans for Donald Trump 2016" - part 2! It is a must see!!! There are actually 3 videos. I loved the honesty of this videoaugrapher (Mark F.). . .the content of the short video captures the pulse of many African Americans that the mainstream media doesn't want anyone else to see!

As one intelligent man stated in the film. . .we've had Obama. . .we've had the Clinton's and we've had the Bush's! Basically, what have any of them done for America? In other words, it is time to hand it over to Trump a businessman who has created jobs. . .a man who wants to "Make America Great Again"!!!!

This was a perfect example of all races coming together. At the end of the day we are all Americans and have the same Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations for our family and one another. . .to truly live the American Dream!

There are also videos depicting the hispanic communities same supportive opinion of Trump!

I think it would be interesting if all the Trump Headquarters in each city across this great nation were equipped with a large flat screen television. Centered and suspended in the front window with a speaker outside where pedestrians walking by could stop. . . listen and witness the increased phenomenon of this movement! It is amazing how many people of all races, creed and gender are sick and tired of career politicians both Democrats and Republicans. They want an outsider who tells them the truth whether they agree with every position or not. . .they want jobs. . .they want Donald Trump!


Ms. Laura L. Johnson


Thanks for sharing that. Great news!

Anonymous said...

And the destruction of small business continues w/ $15 min wage in CA

Anonymous said...

Stop the destruction of the State of CA
Vote Trump

Anonymous said...

Voters. This maybe our last chance to vote for a REAL OUTSIDER, DONALD J. TRUMP. He loves America, the people, and truly wants and will Make America Great Again. Do not let them stick us with a party establishment candidate in Cleveland. Vote Trump so he can get the nomination and make some real positive changes for all.

Anonymous said...

Pray for Mr. Trump, his team and his entire family.