Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trump speaks to National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference - May 21, 2016



How refreshing to hear a candidate deliver the same message to a sub-group of the electorate that he shares with everyone. No pandering to minorities here! Donald J. Trump truly is a unifier.

Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concern:

I have watched several recent speeches given by Mr. Trump and have noticed that he is beginning to change his style a little too much. . .reading from prepared notes / speeches and references of future use of a teleprompter. I hope this doesn't mean he is going to change who he is for the corrupt element in Washington!

It seems to happen every time we Americans have a opportunity to get a real authentic person in our corner. . . Washington embarks on a mission to tear the person down in hopes of turning the person into one of them. . . the "Establishment"!

It begins with a itty-bitty change in style. . .next a major concession on a important topic. Before long the passion driven message shifts away from its original intent!!!

I also believe Trump should fund his election campaign with small donations from his supporters! If he begins changing his style too much and then decides to take campaign contributions from the rich. . .the lobbyist. . .and the Good Old Boy Network he will be treading dangerously close to becoming one of the politicians his supporters don't like or trust!!!

I believe in Trump and want the very best for him and this country!!!

Just food for thought!

Anonymous said...

Just food for thought - I hear what you are saying. I also would love to see our grassroots movement fund his campaign.

I have seen Mr. Trump read some things from a paper - it does not happen a lot. I think there is a big difference between presenting at the rallies and other speeches where he has to be a little more formal. I do believe he has to get along with people in order to unite the party and he has to deal with a lot of dirty politicians - many that would love to sink his ship.

I respect the fact that he basically has not changed his message through this whole process and does not change his message to please different groups. I do believe he is an honest man and will TRY and do all that he says he is going to do. He loves America too much and knows that if he falls into the Washington trap, America as we know it will be doomed if we continue down the path we are on now. I believe he will try his best to Make America Great Again for EVERYONE. We need to keep praying for him and his entire team and of course keep praying for our very young Country.


Anonymous said...

Here is an article regarding what Socialism has done to Venezuela. Socialism was even able to destroy an oil rich Country like Venezuela. If someone like Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (a Washington politician for 23 years) was President, this is what would happen to America.

Venezuela: how the socialist paradise turned into debt and hyperinflation hell

Anonymous said...

Dear Theresa:

Thank you for your response!

Please do not misunderstand my overall message. I do realize Mr. Trump will have to utilize written speeches from time to time in a more formal setting. . .I just did not view a NRA speech as one of those moments. As for getting along with corrupt politicians in order to unite the party. . .well let's just say that is one thing I do not agree with and will not compromise my principles on!!!

Let me tell you something about those vultures up on Capital Hill. . .they can not be trusted! They are the ones that need to change in order to unite the people with the party. . .not the other way around!

Don't forget. . .the reason Trump is winning is because he is an outsider. . .with a message of Americans first! The fact he was self-funding did not hurt. . .it was just another reason why many Americans trusted his message!!!

So that is my opinion on the matter of Capital Hill. As for the Washington's trap let's just say the corrupt insiders will do just about anything to keep their little cozy system the way it is now. I can remember when a Senator Newt Gingrich attempted to shake things up on Capital Hill. . .the vultures dug into his life both past and present until they discovered he had not payed his taxes from a book he had written! It destroyed his momentum and his career! In addition. . .I have watched the Oval Office take a decent man and turn him into an arrogant corrupt coward!!!

My concern about Trump is not drastic changes. . .it is the so called baby step changes those around him are telling him is necessary to win and or needed to be an effective President. . .that concerns me! Enough baby steps equals one drastic change!

Mr. Trump needs to be reminded that he is holding the trump card. . .he has the Biggest Voice of all. . .the Will of the People behind him and that Voice should not be underestimated.

Mr. Trump is holding the most powerful hand in the biggest card game in history! He does not need to change his positions or tone to win over a bunch of nonproductive. . .do nothing. . .corrupt politicians who should be thrown off Capital Hill! I have said it in the past and will say it again! Mr. Trump does not need the endorsement nor approval of the Republican Establishment to accomplish his goals!!!

Trump just needs to stay grounded and never forget how he became the presumptive nominee.

You are right Theresa his campaign support is a result of a massive grassroots movement. The same movement that will put him in the Oval Office if he will listen to the Voice of the People and the same Movement that will throw most of the politicians against him off of Capital Hill . . . come their election time!

Trump needs to stay true to himself and ignore any false flattery from corrupt politicians designed to lure him in with the goal of spitting him out. . .so to speak! If he decides to change any of his positions or views it should be as a result of alot of research on a matter. . .searching of his heart and soul. . .and most importantly the consideration of his supporters! Not as a result of getting along with the vultures on Capital Hill!!!


Just food for Thought
(Ms. LLJ)

Anonymous said...

I hear what you say, but Trump has very great wisdom, one result of which is he knows his "golf swing" (as he calls it) is what has got him to where he is. I think he knows when to listen to his advisers and when to disregard them, that's a great strength. Trump will do it his way, and I'm willing to trust him 100% to get that right. If he's reading from a teleprompter at certain events or from a sheet of paper, there's a reason for that! I don't want a Trump who's micro-managed by advisers - or by us, his army of everyday supporters. If he feels he needs to change his tone, trust him. This is a huge and complex game of chess, and Trump knows what he's doing better than anyone. He knows what moves he needs to make and is 5 moves ahead of all of us, Hillary, DC, and probably of his advisers too, at all times. That's the difference between a Great Leader and a mere politician. Just relax and trust! Be a passenger on the Trump Train!

Shirlee said...

Mr. Trump is very sincere. He is a good man, and will do his best to take care of all.

Anonymous said...

Ms. LLJ. We are not in disagreement - I actually do agree with all you say here. Unfortunately Mr. Trump will need Congress to help get some of his platform through. It does not mean he has to cave on his main issues. This is going to be very difficult with so much corruption in Washington and there will definitely be fighting. Mr. Trump is a very determined and focused man and I do not think he will cave on the issues that have gotten him elected. Once sworn in, he will have more power and then can play the Trump card. Also as you said, he should use the power of the people behind him now when he negotiates with them especially in Cleveland. Since he is a workaholic, they may actually have to get some work done in Washington once he gets there. No more passing bills quickly just so Congress can go on vacation. It would be nice if they would actually start reading the bills they are passing and I have a feeling Trump will strongly encourage that and other things. He will also appoint competent people in key positions and we will have good change because of it.

Mr. Trump still has to get the nomination in Cleveland. There are those self proclaimed "best Conservatives on the planet" out there that are still talking about possibly running a third party in just enough states so neither Hillary or Trump will get the 270 and then the House will decide who will be President. One has to wonder about this so called Conservative group and their dirty tactics. Mr. Trump has more Conservatism in his platform than most and they refuse to recognize it. I think the Anti-Trump people are just afraid of Mr. Trump exposing them for who they really are. I do hope they are unable to get someone to run on that third party ticket. The way they are proposing to sabotage the election is shameful.

I love Newt and was also very disappointed when he did not get the nomination when he ran. He had to deal with the establishment as well. I actually would love to see him as VP. I do believe he was found not guilty of the charges against him, but had resigned long before he was found innocent. What a shame. Just another example of how they get rid of anyone that does not agree with them and wants to do the right thing. Bill Clinton benefited a lot and takes credit for what Newt did while he was speaker. Newt would be a great help to Mr. Trump in dealing with Congress.

Someone reminded me also of when Pat Buchanan ran for office and David Duke endorsed him. One of the reasons his campaign failed was because the media and others branded him as a racist and Bob Dole got the nomination. They tried the KKK thing again on Trump and it did not stick. Plus I thought I read that David Duke said he did not say he endorsed Trump? That racist and KKK thing was in the headlines for a very long time and some are still bringing it up. The media has tried everything with the help of his own party to sink Mr. Trump. Thank God they have not been successful.

I hated to see Trump meet with Paul Ryan. I think Ryan showed his true colors with that meeting - spouting things about Trump not unifying the party while Ryan should have looked in the mirror at the one that really was trying to divide the party. I hope the man running against Ryan in Wisconsin beats him. I know nothing about the man - just believe it is time for Ryan to leave Washington. He is not the Conservative he says he is. All these people toss the word Conservative around as if they are Conservative and think we are fools enough to believe they are because they say it. In my opinion, Ryan like so many others does not walk the talk.

Ran out of space so will continue this on the next blog.

Anonymous said...

Ms. LLJ (cont)

The Senators are in for six years and Mitch McConnell unfortunately will be there until 2020. He has been in the Senate for over 30 years. We need term limits for our representatives. I would even go so far here to say why is the Supreme Court or any judge for that matter appointed for life. The system is broken and hopefully Trump will help turn things around so we have a fair and balanced system the way it was designed to be. We need to follow the Constitution.

My dream for a better Washington would be to have all new blood in there except leave a few of the good ones there. Unfortunately, it will take a lot of time to clean things up, but it needs to be done so we do not fall back in the same spot once someone like Trump is no longer President. I do think that Trump will expose some of the fraud once he gets there. The House is up for re-election every two years and that would be a good time for someone decent to run against them. Our movement to clean up Washington will more than likely continue on past this election. Once Trump gets in the Oval Office, he will need out help to get things done and to put pressure on our Representatives who still think they are God. They all obsess about the next election. If this movement starts voting them out one at a time, the rest will get the message. Wouldn't it be nice to have people in office that actually care about the people more than themselves and their next election. Keep praying for our Country.


Anonymous: Tons of reasons why Newt Gingrich is/would be a very dangerous & extremely poor choice f/ VP of the USA (or f/ any public office...(he doesn't represent we the people, or the Constitution of the USA)
& start @ 2:07 min. of this YT interview, re. Newt & Bohemian Grove (below)