Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Press Conference at Trump Tower - May 31, 2016


Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concern:

I think the corporate news groups. . .organizations. . .Commentators and Hillary "frickin" Clinton should be ashamed of themselves for degrading our Military Veterans and for berating Mr. Trump for doing something honorable!

The audacity of these idiots to question any person much less Mr. Trump for doing something good says much more about the character of the critics. How can anyone question a person who has demonstrated a sincere and genuine concern for our Veterans. . .taken the time to raise funds for such an important cause. . .and given a million dollars out of his own pocket! Donald Trump raised 5.6 Million dollars for the Veterans and should be commended for his efforts and accomplishments. . .not berated!!!

Any person, group or organization who would question such a selfless act are more then selfish Cynics! They are pathetic. . .hateful losers. . .nothing more then lowlifes!

The reason I say they are degrading our Veterans is because of the importance of their medical issues that are taken so lightly by the very people who would not have freedom of the press, if it were not for our soldiers who have put their ass on the line. . . time and time again. . . for all Americans!!!

And to make matters worse. . .and to add insult to injury. . .these are the very same people (media) who choose to cover-up stories that need to be aired to ptotect the American public including our military. They are suppose to be one of our most important oversights. . .our checks and balances. So why are they not exposing the corruption running rampant up on Capital Hill. . .within our federal agencies and within our financial institutions?

What happen to the days of Watergate? When Bernstein and Woodward investigated a story of massive proportions that led straight to the President of the United States???

I am infuriated with the major media networks. When was the last time the executives of NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX and or CBS sponsored, paid for and or really participated in a comprehensive fundraising program to help the Veterans of this country?

They all seem to be for protecting the First Amendment when it's in their best interest. . .just not when its in the best interest of the American public! They all appear to want freedom of the press! So could someone explain to me why they continue to lie. . .misrepresent the facts. . .and manufacture stories?

With the exception of 60 Minutes. . .the only time you see any coverage of our Veterans and their issues is when something horrible takes place thrusting the matter into the spotlight!!!

Let me say. . .thank you Mr. Trump for helping the Veterans! You are appreciated!!!


Ms. Laura L. Johnson


This was an awesome press conference! The media viciously goes after Trump for raising $5.6 million for the veterans, which is absolutely wrong for them to do. By the same token, the media doesn't even ask why crooked hillary hasn't even raised or donated a penny for them.

It's good to see Mr. Trump not caving in to silly demands that he be "nice" to the msm.

Please keep up the excellent work, Mr. Trump!!

Anonymous said...

Laura - you are so right about the media and all you say here. Heard someone say that 95 percent of the main stream media is owned by 5 or 6 corporations. They did not list the corporations. I would ask - how many are foreign owned??? It is sad that the media decides what we need to know. Many of them are nothing more than political puppets. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Single Payer System. When Bernie talks about a single payer system, read these two articles about the Socialist Country Venezuela and see how devastating Government controlled health care can be. Obama Care will eventually lead us down the same road. We need Trump and Ben Carson to fix our health care system so it will work well for all Americans and be cost effective. Government should stay out of the health care business.

Article 1: No electricity, no antibiotics, no beds, no soap: A devastating look inside Venezuela's crisis-hit hospitals where 7 babies die a day, bleeding patients lie strewn on the floor, and doctors try to operate without tools


Article 2: Venezuelan health care system collapsing


Anonymous said...

Again Mr. Trump has raised a lot of money for veterans that should be a positive but the media just continues to look for the bad. I think it is about time that CNN digs into the clinton's and start asking them questions but they seem to never go after her only him.


I am very proud of soon to be President Trump. He handled the dishonest press masterfully. They will think twice before launching shameless attacks on Trump. They need to be put intheir place and return the first ammendment as an instrument of truth and integrity. How far has it fallen.

Anonymous said...


You are 100% correct about the media reporting only what their commentators. . .their employers or even what our government wants us to know! They are on a tight leash. . .at times I actually feel sorry for news reporters and commentators.

I wonder. . .what does it feel like to flush all your journalistic beliefs down the toilet just for a paycheck? To be a sellout to your profession. . .to the American people and a threat to the Constitutional First Amendment!

Don't the reporters understand that every time they choose not to report a huge story because they are asked to squash it (by the executives of their network) because it could or would implicate very powerful people involved in criminal activity. . . they are committing a criminal act against our forefathers intention behind the First Amendment???

I have very few news commentators and journalist I believe in anymore because I am excellent at investigative research and know what they are not sharing with the American public!

As for Mr. Trump. . .tonight on the World News they covered his press conference today regarding the Veterans funds. . .how much was raised and where the funds were distributed! The media seemed irked that Trump was very unhappy with their unfair coverage and their questioning of his integrity regarding the Veterans fundraising event.

The news reporters refused to concede they were unfair. . .insulting and flat out wrong about Trump's intentions and accomplishments regarding the amount he raised for and disbursed to many Veteran organizations across this country. Instead the media replayed a segment where Trump referenced raising 6 million dollars. . .then gladly reported it was really only 5.6 Million. . . if they had caught Trump in a lie.

Well the media sucks at the art of listening because had they opened their ears they would have heard him explain that some of the funds didn't come in. In other words some who promised funds did not honor their donations and new donations were coming in replacing them!

How many more lies are we Americans going to listen to before we just turn off the mainstream media???

If we would take the time to take back our airwaves. . .like we are taking back our country they would get the message. Throw the majority of the politicians out of Washington and turn the televisions off! Here is an oldy but goody. . .breakout the board games and have a family night. . .or read a book or take a walk! Maybe when Americans start tuning the network news out. . .they'll begin to tune us in! If the news and the government agencies were doing their jobs the middle-class might not be on the verge of bankruptcy and the criminals who caused all the debacles would not be walking around free!!!

Just food for thought!!


Ms. Laura L. Johnson

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Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

Donald Trump is not a dangerous man!!!

People who think like you is where the real concern should be!

Trump is a man who cares about all Americans which includes Latinos, Mexicans, Asians, African Americans, Whites, Indians foreign and native along with Muslims!!! Trump cares about legal citizens.

We have inner city and rural Americans living in poverty. It is time to focus on Americans. . .!!! Anyone who thinks orherwise is either an illegal immigrant or a moron! I used to be a Democrat and have switched back to be a republican just so I can vote for Trump.

This morning I have listened to the national morning news (CBS). On the segment they showed a clip of an arrogant Obama criticising Trump about his negotiating skills. Well let's just say it was a pathetic attempt to bash Trump, because before Obama became the president. . .what did he really negotiate? Community programs as a volunteer in Chicago. . .give me a break!!! Since he has become president he has negotiated the Affordable Care Act that has turned out to be negative for the country as a whole. . .he and Kerry has negotiated the Iran Deal that is not beneficial to Americans. . .so Obama needs to stay out of Trump's way! Even as the President of the United States. . .Obama doesn't even come close to measuring up to Donald Trump' s extensive and highly impressive resume!!!

As for Hillary. . .she is a crook! If I were Trump, I would question how her and Bill accumulated a net worth of 111 Million dollars in only 15 years!!! Considering they were fincially broke from Bill's legal women issues when they parted from the White House!!!

Both Hillary and Bill are crooks and anyone who is foolish enough to believe they care about anyones future other then their own is very misguided or wants to be taken care of by the Government!

If you want opportunities both financially and in life in general then you should vote Trump!!!

If you are looking for a free ride because you are a ignorant. . .lazy. . .pathetic person then vote for Hillary.

Most Americans want job opportunities where they compete with other Americans not illegal immigrants. As for Muslims . . .I would put a temporary ban on all outsiders until we straighten out our country. Until our middle-class is back on its feet financially! God helps those who help themselves!!!

We will not be able to continue helping other countries in the future if we go bankrupt ourselves!!!


Ms. Laura L. Johnson

Anonymous said...

Are all students now going to sue their colleges because they cannot find a job or found out later they were really not cut out for what they were trained to do. I know people that were promised job placements by their college and found out later the job placement was a job that did not pay anything.

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Judge Presiding Over Trump University Case Is Member Of La Raza Lawyers Group