Tuesday, May 17, 2016

FOX Network | Megyn Kelly interviews Donald Trump - May 17, 2016


  1. This woman is so full of herself. She needs to wipe that constantly present superior smirk off her face. Despite all the build-up of a battle of the Titans in her intro, Megyn is just a TV presenter and a failed lawyer, Trump is a great man, hugely successful, who is on course to be as close as we have it to Leader of The World. Show some humility Megyn. Unwatchable interview, I switched off after a couple of minutes.

  2. How does Trump tolerate this vile woman?

  3. I would like to see the a full actual and unedited original of this interview. My guess it was a good interview but edited to try to make Trump look bad and again to no effect. Kellys career is over.

  4. Trump is right. He is the messenger. He represents We the people and we cant be fired..

  5. Watched the interview. Trump did fine and Megyn seemed kinder than in the past with her clever gotcha questioning. She evidently wants to be the new Barbara Walters. I think she used Trump to make sure people watched her special, plus she needed to mend the fence to help her ratings.

    Did you catch the comment from Megyn when she asked Trump if he had ever been bullied as a child - the question I think insinuating that would be the reason he bullies others. Then he said something like you do not have to be a child to be bullied - you can be 55 and Megyn piped in with "or 45". In other words, poor 45 year old Megyn has been bullied by Mr. Trump and I am guessing by his followers?? She must feel that she has a right to say and do anything she wants in her position and if he fires back he is a bully. One could call her a bully using her program to have people on for quite sometime to constantly knock Trump down. The rest of the media do the same thing - act like Trump said something bad and forget to mention the millions of dollars of negative ads that were thrown at him that triggered his response.

    The media can always set a softer TONE if they want. They love to throw fuel on the fire when political candidates fight - show the bad clips of the person they dislike - show the good clips of the ones they like and then act like they are just an innocent by stander. Makes for good ratings and that is all most of them care about. Will the media ever change and actually report and be fair?? I am grateful for hosts like Sean Hannity, Gretta and others like them that at least try to be fair.


  6. Very well said, Theresa


  7. Dear Mr. Trump:

    After watching the interview. . .all I can say is my opinion of Megyn Kelly and you staying away from her has not changed!

    The opening presentation leading up to your interview was nothing more then a compilation of just about every controversial thing you have ever said.

    I believe her main intent was to bring attention to all things negative about Donald Trump! She demonstrated her unrelenting bias attitude for you. . .just disguised it as a being a tough interviewer!

    Personally believe. . .she is not a good person. . .she is a self-serving. . .self promoting opportunist! She only cares about Megyn that is the way it is and the way she comes across!!!

    The bad news for Megyn is she can not be taught how to be sincere or authentic!!!

    She was smug and condescending throughout the interview! I thought you did a great job responding to her questions under the circumstances!

    I don't intend to be mean, but that woman's voice and facial expressions or lack thereof gets on my nerves. She comes across fakey. . .phony. . .not sincere at all!

    I will say this about Megyn Kelly. . . she has a very unique and distinctive look and personality. But I believe her insincere demeanor will prevent her from the career longevity she expects and believe it will be the destruction of her career at some point!

    Actually it's a shame when you think about it. . .that she has been so blessed with many of the attributes necessary to accomplish her goals but lacks the most important ingredient. . .heart and authenticity!!!

    Please stay away from Megyn. . .Chris Matthews and Chris Wallace they truly are biased when it comes to you.


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  8. I could not make myself watch the interview I saw bits and pieces. I believe this love fest or whatever you want to call it should end now there were no ratings to speak of who cares anymore? Megyn is a Trump basher on air period! Mr. Trump please cut the Megyn crap all together she's a vixen out to destroy you back off please MEGYN IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU, GET IT?