Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The O'Reilly Factor - May 10, 2016


  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2016 at 9:37 AM

    Dear Mr. Trump:

    I understand that uniting the republican party would make your life a little easier, but being overly concerned about it. . . raises eye brows! The reason it raises eye brows is because raising funds for the republican party helps corrupt senatorial candidates get reelected!!

    Hasn't the fact that you have been self-funding been a contributing factor to your success??? During your rally speeches you discuss the system is rigged and campaign contributions is partly to blame!

    So why do you want to risk a major selling point to be unified with people who have constantly attacked you. . .done just about anything and everything to sabotage your candidacy? It has had nothing to do with competition, but everything to do with the facts that you are honest. . .you can not be controlled and you are not a part of the establishment. You can not make them like you. . .and why would you want them to?

    The majority of existing politicians are fake, phony. . .con artist. They lie to get elected and then screw over their constituency.

    You don't truly want to become a part of that Good Old Boy Club. . .do you?

    Stay true to yourself that is what makes you special. . .different! That is why you are winning!!!

    You can raise the money yourself through your supporters!! We need a major comprehensive fundraising marketing campaign!!!

    First thing is drop the prices of your Trump for President gear! You are selling T-shirts 40% and baseball caps over 50% higher then other websites! Your campaign is loosing alot of potential contributions because of the price.

    For an example let us say there is a Trump supporter who wants to purchase Trump merchandise. He or she may think they are helping you by owning many different styles of baseball caps and t-shirts. . .to sport around like mini walking Bill Boards. But the only way to accomplish that goal is to purchase merchandise from your unlicensed competitors, because your supporter only has so much money to spend!

    Drop the prices. . . add additional merchandise. . .think volume. . .and get the word out to your supporters!

    Let your supporters know that purchasing merchandise through your website helps you stay self-funding! Or at least accomplishes fundraising through small financial gifts given by your supporters and not raising funds through the establishment.

    Next phase of your marketing campaign. . .to raise funds from a televised Trump Telethon. . .think Mark Burnett!

    Think about it, we could have a Trump Telethon to raise money. . .the theme "Make America Great Again". . .we could mix it up with everyday citizens who have beaten the odds whether in business or by overcoming huge hurdles in life. . .think inspirational. . .great success stories! There should also be celebrity supporters like country singers who would perform and or actors who express why they believe in you and why it is so important to get you elected! The final thing to be implemented is groups and organizations supporting you such as the Border Patrol. They could have a 5 minute presentation honoring their agents and showing the worst the Border Patrol has had to deal with along the Mexican Border. Think drug cartels! The ending of their presentation should be a memoriam to the fallen agents and United States citizens who have lost their lives because of fighting the war along the border or because of illegal aliens living in their communities!!!

    Another thing your supporters need to participate in. . .is mini online Trump fundraising rallies. The goal should be a minimum of $25.00 per person once a month for 4 months! Most people can figure out how to save $25.00 dollars a month for 4 months. Do the math on $100.00 per supporter in addition to the proceeds of sales of Trump gear and the Trump Telethon! We could do this. . .we could make this happen!

    Hope the suggestions help!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  2. AnonymousMay 11, 2016 at 12:33 PM

    HEY DC GOP, we're not going to vote for any of you unless you ENDORSE Trump AND go to the CONVENTION. Either you're in or YOU'RE OUT.

    This applies to down ticket candidates as well - ENDORSE or start packing - you're not going to be re-elected.