Friday, March 18, 2016

Campaign Rally in Salt Lake City, UT - March 18, 2016


  1. Looking for PRIMARY DETAILS website that shows in chronological order the various GOP state primaries/caucuses with info such as How a state awards its delegates (winner take all, proportional, hybrid); Open/closed primary; Delegates awarded by candidate; etc,

    I saw such a site once over the past couple months but have not been able to locate it since. I do remember that for each state there was a summary (maybe 2-3 lines) explaining how the state allocates its delegates. Thanks.

    1. You should google greenpapers or front load. These 2 are good to see what delegate allocations states have invented

  • Awesome!! #Trump2016 Time to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  • Creo que si alguien puede evitar la caída del Imperio; es DJT

  • In your speech you need to crack Romney for changing who he's recommending to vote for daily, and make a point to say a vote for you is to keep the voting out of the hands of Washington insiders in a contested convention, don't put it into their hands and let them steal an election and go against the will of the people...

  • Primary Calendar
    Delegate totals include unpledged delegates.
    G.O.P. delegates Dem. delegates
    MARCH 22 Arizona G.O.P. WINNER-TAKE-ALL 58 85
    Idaho Democratic Caucus
    Republican primary is March 8.
    Utah 40 37
    MARCH 26 Alaska Democratic Caucus
    Republican caucus is March 1.
    Hawaii Democratic Caucus
    Republican caucus is March 8.
    Washington State Democratic Caucus
    Republican primary is May 24.
    APRIL 5 Wisconsin G.O.P. WINNER-TAKE-MOST 42 96
    APRIL 9 Wyoming Democratic Caucus 18
    APRIL 19 New York 95 291
    APRIL 26 Connecticut 28 70
    Delaware G.O.P. WINNER-TAKE-ALL 16 31
    Maryland G.O.P. WINNER-TAKE-MOST 38 118
    Pennsylvania G.O.P. WINNER-TAKE-MOST 71 210
    Rhode Island 19 33
    MAY 3 Indiana G.O.P. WINNER-TAKE-MOST 57 92
    MAY 7 Guam Democratic Caucus
    Republican convention is March 12.
    MAY 10 Nebraska Republican Primary
    Democratic caucus is March 5.
    West Virginia 34 37
    MAY 17 Kentucky Democratic Primary
    Republican caucus is March 5.
    Oregon 28 74
    MAY 24 Washington State Republican Primary
    Republicans will also hold a caucus on Feb. 20 but will allocate delegates through the May 24 primary. The Democratic caucus is March 26.
    JUNE 4 Virgin Islands Democratic Caucus
    Republican caucus is March 10.
    JUNE 5 Puerto Rico Democratic Caucus
    Republican primary is March 6.
    JUNE 7 California G.O.P. WINNER-TAKE-MOST 172 546
    Montana G.O.P. WINNER-TAKE-ALL 27 27
    New Jersey G.O.P. WINNER-TAKE-ALL 51 142
    New Mexico 24 43
    North Dakota Democratic Caucus
    The Republican Party will not vote at its caucus, allowing its 28 delegates to remain unpledged to a specific candidate.
    South Dakota G.O.P. WINNER-TAKE-ALL 29 25
    JUNE 14 District of Columbia Democratic Primary
    Republican convention is March 12.

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  • If Trump WINS ARIZONA, and he will et ALL 58 Delegates, and he will!
    Utah has 40 delegates and they are proportional, also some of them will be awarded for the Convention, so if Trump WINS only 20% in Utah, he would still be in a great shape!

  • Should Trump win Arizona and keep Cruz below the 50 percent mark in Utah, while passing the 15 percent threshold himself in that state, he would need to take 51 percent of the outstanding delegates to secure a first ballot nomination! But, if Cruz wins more than 50 percent, that number increases to 53 percent for Trump. If Cruz wins Arizona, Trump’s “need to win” number jumps to 58 percent.

  • LORO: TheGreenPapers sure has some interesting detail. Never could find the 'front load' website(s) you are referring to (I'm familiar with the term 'front loading'). Still looking for other political sites. Thanks.

  • SAT. RALLY TIMES: PHOENIX 2pm EDT, TUCSON 6pm EDT since Arizona is still on Mountain STANDARD time.

  • This is a good site for primary info.