Wednesday, March 9, 2016

CNN | New Day - March 9, 2016


  1. March 9, 2016 at 1:34 PM

    Hello Mr. Trump, I can't wait to vote for you In southern CA; I was wondering why you don't counter attack Rubio, Cruz with their bad and shady records at debate; You are attacked and are always on defensive side; There are so many bad records of Rubio, Cruz that should be brought up at debate when they try to frame you;
    Pls note that Rubio Interrupts so much when you speak and that's his intentional strategy to get you off focus; pls tell him to STOP interrupting; it's been on for last 3 debates;
    Cruz on other hand, when asked a question by moderator, he deflects the questions and turns it against you and spends time interrogating; instead of answering Cruz, pls ask Cruz if he is the moderator now; I get concerned on debates coz it was a set up by GOPe and the media to make you fall; Please take my thoughts in consideration coz I really want you to do well at debates coz it does impact on your votes in some way when people don't know what's really going on except to believe what Rubio n Cruz are falsely accusing you for; Rubio has shady past being arrested at 19yrs old in gay park and party; Rubio has poor work ethics and integrity issues; Rubio promised when campaigning for senate seat that he will take care of this and that but after being elected, he turned around and voted pro-amnesty;Rubio has lies and misuse of FEDeral. funds for personal use; has mistress;
    Ted Cruz: most articles on Cruz are his LIES, coverups, integrity issues; his stance on immigration and amnesty; When Cruz attacked you about giving 4 checks to Clinton, you should have told Cruz that he has also donated Clinton--I read article on it; CNN verified Cruz's accusation was false; Please make more strong counterattack instead of mocking others; You've got to be presidential now and attack them back with substances to prove they are WRONG and LYING..and tell audience about these two puppets ugly records, too; I know that you may know all of these but I am just writing to hope that you will look into this; thank you and May God Bless you on tomorrow's debate; The important thing is to know the opponen'ts weakness(you can google online and find all sorts of negative articles on these guys); Plus Kasich, pls aso know his weakness--google the negatives of Kasich; When you know their bad records, you can bring them up coz that's what Rubio n Cruz have been doing;They dig up everything and frame you; You can't afford to have this done debate after debate coz Cruz is gaining votes from this and Rubio is his helper; thank you; please take this note as a fan of yours who cares for you

    1. AnonymousMarch 10, 2016 at 1:31 AM

      excellent summary of debates... good for you... I am sure DT will receive it well and appreciates your thoughtful post