Wednesday, March 23, 2016

CBSN - March 22, 2016

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  1. AnonymousMarch 24, 2016 at 8:15 AM

    Trump is correct that it should be of great concern that the
    terrorist now in custody was in plain sight all along, in addition to the fact that the people from his own community knew he was wanted, but didn't turn him over to the authorities. The most important discussion we should be having is "Why" did the community protect this low life?

    What needs to be dealt with is the massive disconnect between citizens of any country and the authorities.

    It seems there is so little trust between governments and their people.

    You know Trump... you asked at one point why we (Americans) are so hated. I believe one of the main reasons we are so hated has to do with so many lies that have been told in the past. Do you even realize how many Americans do not believe what has been told regarding the motive or real culprits behind September 11th 2001. We are not just talking about the conspiracy theorist, but also well educated individuals along with every day average Americans citizens. If multi-millions of Americans don't believe what the Bush Administration told them... well you can just imagine how many foreigners including muslims also question what has been told to the world.

    Sure there were scum bag Muslim terrorist flying the planes, who believed they were carrying out a terrorist attack. When the truth is they were used as pawns by the real culprits that included powerful Saudi's and American's behind the attacks! If you follow most man made catastrophic events that happen, then you must know it boils down to follow the money!

    The WTC Twin Towers struck by the planes were the real "target" including building numerbet 7 (not struck by a plane) that also collapsed. If you want to know why the twin towers and building number 7 were the targets well it has to do with close to 40 years of estate and trust fund embezzlement and the institutional investment firms utilized to launder the stolen funds. Many of the institutional investment firms utilized by the criminal enterprise to launder the embezzled funds were located in the WTC Twin Towers! As for building number 7 most of the government agencies including the SEC, IRS, INS, CIA and the secret service largest field office were located in that building and as one agent explained that all their case records were destroyed! Most importantly active investigations by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) files / records were destroyed when building number 7 collapsed. Including Enon records and the World com scandal documents. The foregoing is just a peek into the truth!

    I love my country and don't blame the F.B.I. or any government agency for not figuring out the truth there were Muslim radicals flying the planes. Only someone investigating estate and trust fund embezzlement for over 13 years and sifting through corporate, court, SEC archive and many other records could connect the dots!

    Trump supporter outraged!