Wednesday, March 23, 2016

CNN | Situation Room - March 22, 2016

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  1. AnonymousMarch 24, 2016 at 8:15 PM

    Mr. Trump, I find it hard to believe that our government refuses to see Islam as the heart and soul of terroism. Has none of the candidates looked at the Qu'ran?
    1) What we are seeing is not radical. It is the norm as specified by Muhammad, the Qu'ran and the sharia law.
    2) The tenets of Islam as stated in the Qu'ran and the preached by Islamic enforcers (Imams) calls for worldwide subjugation of nonmislims and women in general through enslavement, murder, terror, rape and much more. No other religion in the world teaches hate and domination of world through murder, rape, torture, and enslavement This posture of domination through force and disregard for human rights defines Islam is an ideology not a religion. Islam is a Ideology no different than Japanese Imperialism, fascists, Nazism and Communism, all of which are ideologies against which we have waged all out war.
    3) There are no moderate muslims. There are quite muslims and there are muslims lying in wait. Do not be fooled, when called out in public by Mosque officials (Imam) these seemingly moderate people will fall in line and perform to the requirements of the Qu'ran and Sharia law as interpreted by the Imam. They have no choice, to refuse makes them an apostate and subject to death at the hands of their own kind. Islam is not an ideology of tolerance and personal choices. Even those who have denounced Islam may be following the tenets of the Qu'ran that calls for lying to infidels and approves some sin to further Islamic goals.
    4) if I am wrong about Islamic intent, then tell me why Muslims around the world are not taking a stand and vociferously denouncing the dark age tenants of the Qu'ran and Sharia law ,as well as, the enslavement, rape, murder, torture, by their own kind all around the world. They are not, because there is no wiggle room in the Qu'ran. With the exception that where there is a conflict between older commands and later commands the later takes precedence, there are no caveats. New Testament so to speak.

    Additionally, Mr.trump, Middle East refugees should be (with our assistance) cared for and sheltered in close proximity to their origins, by people who speak their own language and understand their customs. To bring them into the United States is to welcome the enemy into our home. There are plenty of countries with plenty of space and plenty of money that could take these people in.