Sunday, January 24, 2016

NBC 'Meet the Press - Jan 24, 2016

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Todd F. Chuck
Chuck F. Todd
What kind of a name is that?
Awful show with interchangeable talking heads

Anonymous said...

Trump is simply the best. We know you will be a prolific President.Hope you take care of the anchor babies and the misuse of H1b Visas by big Companies. Taking away good jobs from the Citizens and giving it away to foreigners who enter the Country on Non immigrant Visas and get Green cards in few years.Thanks


Ted Cruz, barking from his soap box after a rally with 59-60 people. LOL



Once illegal immigration is stopped by the Trump administration, LEGAL immigration must be reduced and transitioned 100% to merit-based.

No more chain migrations for naturalized citizens' parents, children, siblings in Canada, Burkina Faso, India, or the Philippines. Standards for the merit-based visas must be increased - abolish the laughable 3rd Preference EB Green Card category and so many others that do nothing but enrich a handful of employers and immigration lawyers. (The number of EB- 3rd Preference based Green Cards ever issued by the government correspond with the number of jobs permanently lost to foreigners by Americans with college degrees who are just starting out their careers or in the middle of it.)

If LEGAL immigration is not curtailed -- at least temporarily for 10 years -- the US is going to be like Britanistan with a 4.8% Muslim demographic slated to make up 40% of the population by 2050.

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you at your Townhall the same night as the debate! Good Move!

Anonymous said...

Proves the RNC is not looking out for the best interest of our candidates

Anonymous said...

Horrible atmosphere of moderators; Cancel the debate!

Anonymous said...

I am going to say this. I was a conservative republican my whole life (until 5 years ago). I didn't vote for the first time of my life (47 years old) last election. When Trump decided to run, I was upset at first. Then I started to listen. By October, he had me. Look, the dimocrats (mis-spelling intended)and republicans are BOTH marching in the same direction. People are finally waking up to this. I haven't heard Trump state one remark I disagree with. The man is a breath of fresh air. Every time I watch him speak, I feel energized as he seems to really give a crap. They cant own him, like the rest of Washington. And your kidding yourself, if you think even one of them (Congress & Senate)aren't owned, one way or the other. I was jumping off my couch yesterday as he brought up the fact Cruz is in Goldman Sachs & Bank of American back pocket. They own him, which equals nothing getting done, unless its to the elites approval. Not the American people, like they claim (lie, lie, lie, lie). My point is, they cant control Trump like that. He doesn't need their stinking money. I am calling this one out. Trump is going to impact this Country like Reagan did. I would also like to say one thing to Mr. Trump. THANK YOU! Thank you for caring about the direction this Country is heading. Hopefully, not too late in the game. GOD willing. I pray protection over Mr. Trump. And yes, I am praying to my Savior Jesus Christ. I firmly believe he see's something in Mr. Trump that he is using today. God willing, we will become the great country we used to be. You know, when we used to acknowledge our Country under God. Wake up America!!

Anonymous said...

Megyn Kelley, FOX NEWS, is totally unfair, biased and her ridiculous questions will help no one become more educated about yours on any other candidate's choices.

Megyn Kelly wants 'this gig' to help her. She's selfish and narcissistic. And filled with 'off color' Nasty humor.

Please Mr. Trump, for us, hold a 'Town Hall' either by yourself or with other candidates. Let your constituency and others submit questions by Twitter / Facebook / e-mail.

I think your town hall audience will be the largest.

(Surely Sanatorium, Huckabee will opt out for your forum.)

Thanks for the consideration.

J Krone