Tuesday, January 19, 2016

John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset, IA - Jan 19, 2016



The media misrepresent the truth, they lie or omit truthful facts, so they can get ratings or even worst please their bosses. An example is that in most professions (police) they tend to go by the book but MOST journalist including commentators twist and distort the truth to please an agenda or get some kind of fame. Dear journalist your code of ethics needs to be re-written and maybe then you can restore dignity in your profession. You caused so much damage to this country that false reporting should be a crime and it is not freedom of the press. It should be freedom of the press to report the truth and facts. Just simple honest reporting.

WeNeedA NEW MEDIA- NOW said...

The local media 'life-style' personalities (barf) in my area do their 'shtick' of ridiculing Trump along with their exaggerated facial expressions of disgust and contempt for our next President. Totally dishonest and hateful media- local and national!