Sunday, January 24, 2016

CBS 'Face the Nation' - Jan 24, 2016



When de Blasio was running for mayor, Trump, very rightly so, had significant reservations about him, and did NOT support his candidacy. Mr. Trump did, as he said, wished him luck, after his unfortunate election. And then what does de Blasio do? He tries to unlawfully take away the contracts that the Trump organization has with the city of New York. Why? Because the new mayor didn't like Mr. Trump's opinion on illegal immigration.

Trump won that argument, as the city did not terminate its contract with him.

However, Donald Trump is 100% correct when he says that de Blasio is totally incompetent and doesn't know what the heck his doing.


Very true. Notice how the press is twisting a congratulatory remark to support a false narrative. They are so dishonest.