Saturday, January 16, 2016

Donald Trump at Regent University, VA on Feb 24, 2016

The Virginian Pilot

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump will return to Hampton Roads next month, this time to participate in a forum at Regent University.

According to a news release from the university, Trump will be the latest candidate to participate in its “Presidential Candidate Forum” series, on Feb. 24.

At the event, Trump will make some remarks, participate in an on-stage interview with Regent founder and CEO Pat Robertson and take questions from the audience.

Ticketing information and other details will be available on the Regent website soon.


Anonymous said...

I am veteran and I wrote a book about Iraq, "Father of the Stranger". Say 20 good words about it and I'll sell a 1,000 copies. I'll be what you want, profitable! P.S. Can I get tickets to your stop in Virginia Beach?


I am a big Trump Supporter. However, I think Trump should talk more about the problems with the Federal Reserve System and the Central Banking System in general instead of blaming China for devaluing their currency. Trump had a chance to do so on Fox, but blew it when asked about Yellen causing some of the problems in the economy by creating bubbles. Then Steve Forbes came on afterwards and answered the question very intelligently, the way Trump should have done it. I also don't like Carl Ichan. He is just an activist investor who buys tries to buy large amounts of stock for a company and convince the CEO to do stock buybacks. There are much smarter guys out there on the economy to team up with. Every time Trump mentions "China", I wish he was replacing the word with Federal Reserve System. Because that is the biggest problem with the Economy as far as I'm concered. A Multi-Trillion Dollar robbery just took place under the Obama / Bernanke / Yellen administration and no word of it what so ever.

Gregg Morgan said...

I would love the opportunity to see you speak at Regent... But the idea of not being able to change the channel to avoid hearing Pat Robertson speak, makes my skin crawl