Friday, September 2, 2016

NBC4 - Sep 1, 2016


  1. AnonymousSeptember 2, 2016 at 4:19 PM

    Bringing in a million new immigrants each year is what is transforming this country into third world status. Go Trump.

    1. Laura L. JohnsonSeptember 8, 2016 at 9:39 AM

      Dear Anonymous:

      I agree with you!

      My position is that the immigrants of today are not the same as the immigrants who decades and decades long ago
      stepped on the shores of America. . .legally through Ellis Island in New York. The immigrants of the past were hardworking and did not expect a handout from the U.S. Government. They were solid people longing for a honest opportunity to succeed!

      I believe the democrats are focused on increasing immigration to fulfill their agenda of stacking the deck against the conservatives in future elections. So they will be able to fulfill their agenda of creating a dependent society full of citizens who will have to take the financial help from the government to survive, because their will be less and less job opportunities to rise up out of close to poverty-stricken circumstances.

      What disappoints me is no one in the Trump campaign is explaining to the american people that Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State was playing both sides against one another. . .playing a dangerous game of manipulation with foreign country leaders.

      Her responsibilities were to protect the United States while gaining responsible influence with other leaders around the world through discussion.

      Instead she was using State Department funds to undermine other leaders by using funds to gain access into other country's societies through online blog websites etc. Her intention along with Anne-Marie Slaughter was to influence and support women along with the LGBT communities in many Muslim societies! Hillary played an activist role from behind the scenes influencing and shoving her positions into foreign societies where the citizens began to rise up against their leaders and regimes. I believe Hillary's mettling in other country's social, moral and demand for citizens rights has been the cayalyst behind the death of 100's of thousands of citizens who lived in Syria, Libya and other Gulf State communities! Any Secretary of State should only be dealing with the leaders of foreign countries and if there are to be any changes to civil or human rights issues it must be done through proper channels and democratic dialogue only! Now Syria is in a full blown civil war. . .Syrian Refugees have fled their country and are reaping havoc all over the world. Does Hillary acknowledge her mettling has caused major unrest around the world especially in the middle east?

      No. . .she hasn't because her solution is like German leader Merkel to take them all in to other countries where the Syrian Refugees are having a devastating impact on their finances and communities!

      The United States needs to stop full throttle bullying other countries into becoming more westernized. Other societies need to slowly transition into whatever societies they wish to become. People need to fight for their rights as we did! Our U.S. leaders need to stop shoving our way of life down the throats of other cultures who are centuries behind our progress. Many cultures see some of our western ways as destructive and against their religious principles. They may be living in a backwards society, but it is their society to leave as is or fight to change. . .not ours!!!

      Hillary's emails up on wikileaks spells out her activist behind the scenes role as described in this post.


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson