Saturday, September 3, 2016

NBC 10 Philadelphia - Sep 2, 2016

"NBC10's Lauren Mayk went one-on-one with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump following a meeting with black leaders in Philadelphia on Friday."


  1. Laura L. JohnsonSeptember 3, 2016 at 2:58 PM

    I agree with Trump on the approach to the problems plaguing the inner-city communities across this country. The only thing I would like to point out is although it is true that the democrats have been in charge of the inner-city communities across this country for decades and have clearly let their African American constituents down. . .one can not ignore that it has not been a priority of the republican leaders either.

    Donald Trump is the only person who is addressing the problems that all leaders have been ignoring for decades because he actually cares!

    He is not a lying politician!!!

    I believe it is important for him to tell it like it is. . .even if it lumps prior republican leaders in with the democrats who have betrayed the African American community. The democrats are guilty of using and abusing their black voters and the republicans are guilty of complacency. . .for not speaking up!

    So please Trump. . .blame both parties. . .democrats the worst for betraying their constituents, but also the Republicans for looking the other way.

    Trust me when I say. . .the African American voters see it as being both parties fault so call it the way it truly is. . .they will appreciate the sincere honesty and by being completely honest increases credibility!

    Just food for thought!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

    1. Laura L. JohnsonSeptember 3, 2016 at 8:55 PM


      If I were Trump I would take on a few projects in the inner-city of Detroit Michigan. Once again there was a school years ago the national news put a spotlight on. The school was in need of roofing repairs and had a issue with rodents. There was no money in the school or city budget to fix the problems. Basically the school was run down.

      Wouldn't it be awesome if Trump and his organization took on a school project fixed the roof, removed the rodents and got the community involved in painting. . .laying new sod and planting flowers etc. A community pulling together for a day of taking pride in the community!

      Another thing I think is important is parks in the inner-city. It helps keep kids off the street. I'm sure basketball courts could use repainting, hoops in need of new nets or just new hoops all together. Invest in new swings, monkey bars and slides if needed! Organize volunteers through churches and the school district to have parents invest a day every few months for cleanup crew and to donate time for taking on small revitalization projects that wouldn't cost a lot of money, but would be priceless when motivating the communities to participate in the investment of their children. . .their future!

      Another thing that angers me is cities that don't have all covered bench bus stops, no lighting and no fan system. There have been times while driving at night that I noticed a mother and her child sitting at a bus stop in the dark and even worse when it is raining. If cities across this country want to promote their public transportation system then they should invest in the safety and well-being of their customers. All they would need to do is install covered bus stops equipped with solar lighting and fan systems. They can market advertising space within the covered bus stop that could fund the maintenence of each location and the initial outlay of funds necessary to construct the new covered bus stops.

      Just some ideas of how to really get the attention of inner-city communities. It is great that Trump is visiting the church to listen and learn, but there are many things he could be doing to make a real difference now before he is elected. Invest in the inner-city communities and they will know Trump is a man of action not just words! He is always saying politicians are all talk and no action. . .well I just presented a number of ideas that could easily be executed!

      Just more food for thought!


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson

    2. AnonymousSeptember 3, 2016 at 10:56 PM

      you are annoying.

    3. Laura L. JohnsonSeptember 4, 2016 at 2:17 AM

      Dear Anonymous:

      In your opinion I'm annoying, but it is more then likely you have no original thoughts of your own regarding any issue. What is annoying to me are jerks who are too much of a coward to put their name on a comment! In addition. . .who like tearing people down who care and want to help, because they lack the skill, talent and ability to recognize issues that need to be addressed much less possess the ideas necessary to solve the or any issue!

      People like you are always a part of the problem never the solution! Write or post something substantive. . .be constructive, but get off my back!


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson