Thursday, December 10, 2015

CNN Tonight | TRUMP ONE ON ONE - Dec 9, 2015

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Don Lemon: You're great. However, when you suggested that all the "experts" in CNN say that Trump's rhetoric is the kind of thing that radicalizes Muslims, I had to laugh. Who are these numbskulls? There was no Trump when 9/11 happened. Do you know what happened in the years preceding 9/11? The U.S. spent a decade rescuing Muslims: in Somalia, the Balkans, in northern Iraq, when they being gunned down by Saddam's helicopters, and was the single largest donor to the Palestinian Authority. That was America saving Muslims lives. And what did the Muslim world do right after that? Celebrated 9/11. So regardless of what CNN's "experts" like to say in your show, Muslims don't need Trump to get radicalized. They do that by themselves - among themselves -- just fine. Your "experts'" commentaries are designed to silence Trump and they are doing what they do best: practice taqqiya.