Monday, May 9, 2016

Fox Business | Mornings with Maria - May 9, 2016


  1. Finally an interview without trick and trap questions. Trump is treated respectfully and the interviewer is friendly and asking questions that we want to have asked. Not the garbage hit pieces on the main networks. Trump spends most of his time playing defense over stupid questions and even stupider interviewers. It reminds me of the pre-planned assassin debates when I watch the networks interview mister Trump. Thank you Fox.

  2. Dear Mr. Trump:

    Who cares if Bush or Graham endorses you or not? Trust me when I say it helps you that these political hacks are against you!

    As for Hillary Clinton. . .you are on the right path when it comes to her enabling Bill, but I would hit her hard about Monica Lewinsky!!!

    I would softly harp on Monica's age at the time of the incident, because Monica had to be young enough to be Hillary's daughter. Meaning. . .how could she treat such a young girl with so much cruelty? How could she set out with intentional forethought and malice to destroy a young girls life who was only guilty of falling prey to her husband's advances and charm! For goodness sakes Bill Clinton at the time was the most powerful man in the world!

    How would she want her own daughter to be treated if her daughter was preyed upon by a older. . .successful. . . powerful man ? The fact that Hillary enjoyed tormenting Monica Lewinsky for years and years after the incident indicates a very immature and vindictive personality that quite frankly strikes me as unstable!!!

    Stalking Monica was another form of poor judgment. The fact that Monica was young enough to be her daughter. . .yet she showed no compassion for a young woman being preyed upon by her predator spouse. . speaks volumes to her stability or lack thereof!!!

    People make mistakes everyday and some fall out of love, but Bill Clinton not only had a past history. . .but he had a predatory pattern for abusing his powerful positions to gain sexual favors.

    I think you should show how heartless Hillary Clinton really is. . .by comparing the age of Monica to her own daughter! If Hillary cared about women's rights she would have divorced Bill after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th time he had humiliated her in the public eye!!! Instead she went after the women who had given into Bill's charms and also those who resisted! No matter what situation arose regarding her husband she always took his side as if he was innocent when she knew he was far from it.

    Hillary ='s Poor Judgment

    Hillary ='s Vindictiveness

    Hillary ='s Heartless!!!

    Hope the suggestions help!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson