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Repost: Donald J. Trump - The Long Road to the White House (1980 - 2015)

This video was uploaded on YouTube 5 months ago, on March 15, 2016. I posted it here a couple of days later and reposting it now. Since March, more people have found this site but many haven't seen this. Well worth a look.

Important Notice About Donations

I've removed the donate button as from today. The reason is that I think donations should be directed to where they are needed. What I do on this site is linking to news, rallies, events etc. This doesn't cost me money, although it can be time consuming. It's a hobby, it's a pleasure, but I have a full-time job so money is not the issue here. 

Let me suggest that instead of donating to me, support Right Side Broadcasting. It's a small media company that has provided us with live streams from Trump rallies from the start. When they can't have their own cameras at the rallies, they pay thousands of dollars for 'pool feeds' which they use to stream on YouTube. Unfortunately some YouTubers steal their streams and cover the Right Side logo. Visit and you'll find the donate buttton in the upper right corner. You can use paypal, credit card or mail them your donation. Of course there's the Trump campaign to support as well at the official website.

Many thanks for your donations. I really appreciate your support, can't thank you enough. But right has to be right. I don't need the money, RSB and the Trump campaign do. Let's spend our money more wisely. There are other ways to support Trump financially I'm sure, but these are two good options to consider. Thank you.

Tom, admin.

Fox News | Justice w/ Judge Jeanine - Aug 20, 2016

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The Joe Pags Show - Aug 11, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Kissimmee, FL - Aug 11, 2016

Donald Trump Meets With Pastors In Orlando, FL - Aug 11, 2016

CNBC | SQUAWK BOX - Aug 11, 2016

Hugh Hewitt Show - Aug 11, 2016

Donald Trump Addresses National Association of Home Builders Board of Directors in Miami, FL - Aug 11, 2016

TIME | Aug 22, 2016 issue.

Transcript of TIME’s Cover Story Interview With Donald Trump

"Donald Trump has had a difficult stretch, starting with convention drama in Cleveland and continuing through two rough weeks of damaging controversies. TIME interviewed him on Aug. 9, just hours before he seemed to suggest the only remedy to a Hillary Clinton-nominated Supreme Court was for Second Amendment supporters to take action." 
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Fayetteville, NC - Aug 9, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Wilmington, NC - Aug 9, 2016

Fox Business | Mornings with Maria - Aug 9, 2016 (Trump @ 14:45)

Fox & friends - Aug 9, 2016

Trump calls supporter whose sign got burned down

New York Post | By Lorena Mongelli and Bruce Golding

Donald Trump weighed in Monday on the torching of a huge, Staten Island lawn sign supporting his presidential bid — personally thanking the homeowner who put it up and commending the artist on his handiwork.
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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Portland, ME - Aug 4, 2016

Gray DC - Aug 2, 2016

"Kellie Meyer was the only reporter to talk to Trump following his campaign rally at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn."

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump interviews on ABC7 WJLA

Donald Trump on Obama: 'He's concerned I'm going to win'
By Scott Thurman, Aug 2, 2016

"Senior political correspondent Scott Thuman sat down with presidential nominee Donald Trump Tuesday, speaking about several subjects."

Go to - More Media - for full interview.

Trump spoke to ABC7 at the Daytona Beach rally on Aug 3.

Donald Trump Rally in Jacksonville, FL - Aug 3, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Daytona Beach, FL - Aug 3, 2016

The Republican nominee in his own words

The Washington Post | August 2, 2016

"Republican nominee Donald Trump sat down with The Post’s Philip Rucker for an interview at Trump National Golf Club on Aug. 2 following a rally at a nearby high school. This is a lightly edited transcript of the 50-minute interview."

RUCKER: So how are you feeling about the campaign?
TRUMP: I think really good. I think, uh —
RUCKER: ’Cause there are a couple of polls that came out showing Hillary got a big bounce —
TRUMP: Yeah, she got a bounce —
RUCKER: — after her convention.

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