Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Sacramento, CA - June 1, 2016


  1. Trumps Speech is like No Other ! I can feel it in his heart and in his voice that he wants to Make America Great Again!! Jobs! Healthcare! Stop Illegal Immigration! Build a Wall! Strengthen our Military! Bring our Jobs Back!! Get rid of common core education and localize education!! Rebuild our Infrastructures! America 1st!! Trump For President!!

  2. I thought it was interesting that he did not bring up Trump University this time

  3. God Bless President Donald J Trump January. 20 2017

  4. God Bless President Donald J Trump January 20 2016

    1. This is how to get the GOP elites of his (and our) backs: offer Ben Cardon Surgeon General position, offer Chris Christy Attorney General position, offer Carly Fiorina EPA position, offer Allen West Head of Dept of Defense position, offer Rubio position of Immigration Officer, offer Ryan Zinke Secretary of State position

    2. Offer Bolton Foreign Affairs position, offer Scott Walker Vice President position, abolish the IRS, reinstate the generals and admirals Obama got rid of, keep Paul Ryan Speaker of the House, get Mitch McConnell out of the Senate, and get Trey Gowdy on the Supreme Court in place of Scalia!!!!!

    3. Get this message to Trump's Presidential Committee!

  • Correction: Ben Carson as Surgeon General

  • It is over for Hillary. She is exposing herself to be the liar and crook she has always been.

    Trump is enlightening voters the reason she has to continue to run. It is her only means for staying out of jail. She has to hope she is indicted and pardoned by Obama before Trump is President.

    Clinton voters tell more about themselves than it does about the Clintons. Anyone who supports a liar and crook for President of the United States are either liars as well as crooks themselves or extremely gullible and naive.

  • Hillary is = Obama's agenda PLUS corruption

  • Gary – I agree with all you say here. I also believe that anyone that does not support a wall is either running drugs or supports sneaking illegals into the Country. The illegals come here with the purpose of taking over, getting free stuff, burning our flag, breaking the law and flying their flag on our soil while our President and representatives sit back and watch. Shameful!!!

    Also most people that have a conscience generally do not point their finger at someone else. I do not believe Hillary has a conscience and feel she would be extremely dangerous as President or occupying any other position of power. A large number of those that follow her are more than likely just interested in more free stuff and more than likely also consist of those that have been brain washed in our schools and believe that Socialism is great and they are entitled to free stuff. When the free stuff runs out, the light will come on – then it will be too late – we will be just like Venezuela at that point. Everyone should study what is going on now in Socialist Venezuela.

    Trump will Make America Great Again and truly cares about the people. Keep praying for Trump and the people that still believe in a Country that loves freedom. Also pray that those that have been misguided will see the light before it is too late.


  • Fox News Fires Andrea Tantaros for Supporting Donald Trump

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    Obama and Hillary need each other. . .Hillary needs to stay out of jail. . .and Obama is hanging on to his legacy by his finger nails. He knows when Trump becomes President the Affordable Care Act a/k/a Obama Care will be replaced with something much more efficient. . .effective. . .and truly more affordable!!!

    They are both nervous about a Trump Presidency!!!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  • Hillary is "as foul-mouthed as any sailor you'd ever meet." (p. 147)
    As reported by Bill's security staff, Hillary frequently erupted in expletive-filled tirades against him. "I can't believe you would ask a fucking question like that!" Or, about his shaky driving, "You're gonna get us fucking killed!" (p. 147)

    Patterson said Hillary was no stranger to the "N" word either. He heard her say "nigger" "probably six, eight, ten times. She would be upset with someone in the black community and she would use the 'N' word, like, you heard they've got the president's brother on tape using the 'N' word." [NewsMax, 17 July 2000]

    She shouted at Bill over his unfaithfulness: "I need to be fucked more than twice a year!" (p. 170)
    Hillary to Larry Patterson, an Arkansas state trooper and Clinton bodyguard from 1986 to 1993, who was bringing a judge's wife to the Little Rock airport: "What the fuck do you think you're doing? I know who that whore is." (p. 171)

    Patterson stated that Bill and Hillary Clinton would frequently argue with each other using the worst expletives known to mankind, sometimes in the presence of their daughter Chelsea. Some of the anti-Semitic slurs with which she commonly laced her tirades against Bill were "Jew motherfucker," "Jew Boy" and "Jew Bastard." [NewsMax, 15 and 17 July 2000]

    "If she disagreed with Bill Clinton or she disagreed with some of the Jewish community in Little Rock -- or some of the ethnic community -- she would often make these statements." "She would say 'Jew Bastard' or call her husband a 'Jew boy' or a 'motherfucking Jew'," Patterson told the WABC New York radio audience. [Carl Limbacher and NewsMax Staff, 17 July 2000]

    Patterson said he heard Hillary "utter anti-Jewish epithets between 10 and 20 times over the course of his six years at the Arkansas governor's mansion." [NewsMax, 17 July 2000]

    Hillary's rages continued after she took up residence in the White House, where she blew up at a Secret Service agent for declining to carry her bags. When the agent explained that he needed to keep his hands free in order to protect her, she replied: "If you want to remain on this detail, get your fucking ass over here and grab those bags." [Joyce Milton in The First Partner: Hillary Rodham Clinton (1999), p. 259]

    Hillary to a Secret Service agent, after she heard that a University of California-Berkeley student had written a satirical column in The Daily Californian about daughter Chelsea: "What the fuck is going on?" [San Francisco Chronicle, 26 Nov. 1997]

    When Hillary (once again) physically attacked Bill, Secret Service agents had to separate them. "Keep that bitch away from me!" Bill Clinton told one Secret Service agent. [The National Enquirer, 5 Jan. 1999]


    Larry Patterson confirmed that he frequently heard Bill Clinton use "nigger" to refer to both Jesse Jackson and local Little Rock black leader Robert "Say" McIntosh. Longtime Clinton paramour Dolly Kyle Browning corroborated Patterson on Clinton's use of "nigger." "Not only did he use the 'N' word, he called him a 'GDN' [goddamn nigger], if you catch my drift," Browning told Fox News in 1999. [NewsMax, 17 July 2000] Brown also told NewsMax that the president would regularly make derogatory comments about African-Americans in private. "He has used the 'N' word before. Bill would make snide remarks about blacks behind their backs." [Carl Limbacher and NewsMax Staff, 17 July 2000]