IPhone X Repair Fees up to $500

Apple started a pre-order for iPhone X over the weekend. Together with that, the manufacturer bearing the bitten apples also announced the price of repair beyond warranty for iPhone X.

Like the official iPhone X is fairly expensive, ie 999 US dollars, the cost of repairs was high. The iPhone screen repair price, for example, is pegged at 279 US dollars.

That number is much higher than the cost of fixing the iPhone 8 screen that amounted to 169 US dollars, and two times higher than the iPhone 6 (129 US dollars).

Bezel less screen component is indeed one of the uniqueness and features of the mainstay of iPhone X. OLED display panel owned by iPhone X made by Samsung and possibly supplied in limited quantities.iphone x Repair

It’s just a matter of screen, what about other damages that are not covered by warranty, such as water damage (water damage)? Apple quoted a flat rate of $ 549 for all of the iPhone X, as summarized www.iphoneprice.us from The Verge on Monday (30/10/2017).

The cost of repairs for miscellaneous damage on the iPhone X This is also much higher than previous models such as iPhone 8 Plus (399 US dollars), iPhone 7 (319 US dollars), and iPhone 6 (299 US dollars).

The above fees apply to repairs handled directly by Apple and are beyond the warranty period of 1 year. Apple warranty does not apply to damage caused by user error, such as due to fall.

Apple provides a 199-dollar Apple Care + warranty for iPhone X in the United States that extends the warranty period of two years and can reduce repair costs. More can be seen at the following link. Also read: http://www.iphoneprice.us/best-recommended-iphone-repair-nyc/